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Intuition is not all you need to be a Makeup Artist

Author: Subhagya Nair, Updated on 28/03/2020

Intuition is not all you need to be a Makeup Artist

Some people want to become a Makeup Artist but they believe that intuition is all they need and that talent in an art, is inborn. These are would-be artists who are attracted to glamour and expect to start at the top without any of the credentials.

I too remember being one of them who even did a bridal makeup and felt proud that I did a good job not having attended any formal training on the same. Well, I am sure to say that I missed out on the prep up, primers, eye base before the eyeshadow, the cut crease and of-course the contour with the proper sculpting kit... oh.. and how can I forget that it all started melting after an hour.

Any practice of trade needs to go through proper tests, examinations and consequently obtain a license for the same... it’s all about investing time and money into a skill before seeking employment. Some formal training in the arts is desirable for any artist.

Most successful makeup artists feel it is necessary to become familiar with their environment to develop a keen awareness of all that is going around them. Makeup artist must be responsible for building respect for their profession.

The makeup artist completely specializes in creating artistic and personalized makeup and usually develops advanced techniques used in television, theatre, photography etc.

The more qualified and prepared you are as a makeup artist, the greater your opportunities and the more confident you will become when working in various areas that demand special skills.

Ones you are professionally prepared to meet the challenges of this industry... you will have many exciting opportunities and rewards awaiting you.

You can obtain a job in the below-enlisted areas of work ones you have procured your skill:

  1. Salon work - more to do with glamour and events.
  2. Department stores - require demonstrators to create awareness for clients of their brand. Selling or encouraging sales of a product is important for this kind of job.
  3. Direct sales - the training director for any cosmetic company is usually involved in the development of new products, catalogues, photography and even public relations events.
  4. Boutiques and speciality stores - these stores often feature makeup and grooming products. A person owning his or her own business or boutique will find this experience a valuable way to learn how to merchandise cosmetics.
  5. Beauty editor/blogger - every major fashion magazine has a beauty department which turns out major stories and photography for every publication. A bright fashion conscious person could hope to advance to becoming a beauty editor of a major fashion publication.
  6. Theater, television and films - Theaters are an art by itself... there is so much of life to it... it’s an experience of a lifetime on backstage while you are at it. Television and film is not an easy task as it has union representations and limitations and its hours of job and you can only be at one task at a time while you are at it.
  7. Teaching - dedication is the only first requirement for this. Unless you have not had an expertise in this field yourself, you would not want to train another. You can imagine how frustrating it would be for a student to be trained by him or her who hasn’t had to prove themselves in this field.
  8. Consultant - the art is persuasion is important if you are to convince others that you have credibility.
  9. Freelancer - this is the toughest perhaps the most difficult and most demanding to maintain as the competition is fierce. The best way would be to be represented by agencies that will give you a reliable platform. You get represented as a model gets done by Modeling agencies.

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