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Who We Are?

SUBZCANVAS is a Fashion concept, Studio and Academy which pertains to all your Makeover, Makeup, Styling and Photography requirements in the industry of Modeling, Fashion and Events.

SUBZCANVAS is held by a Professional Makeup & Hair Artist and Fashion Photographer, with over more than 10 years of experience. We conduct Professional Makeup Artist courses ranging from Basic to Advanced levels. Our Students are completely equipped to startup their career with necessary clientele by the end of their Professional Training programme.

We at SUBZCANVAS Studio and Makeup Academy in Bangalore, have been training aspiring make-up artists, to become the best in the industry.

SUBZCANVAS provides Makeup, Photography and Videography services for Modeling, Fashion and Wedding Event requirements. We specialize in all commercial business and portrait Photography & Videography needs.

As a creative company we strive to move away from the predictable. With more and more people striving to look the best version of themselves, the make-up industry has been revolutionized and has been booming steadily.

What We are About?

Our mission is to offer Students the best and most comprehensive training in Bangalore. We are not limited to any Basic levels but offer students the chance to work with most of the major fashion makeup houses while on the course, helping to widen their product knowledge, understanding and experience.

The Makeup studio aims wherever possible to keep course prices realistic and affordable, making them good value for money. SUBZCANVAS Studio and academy brings with it an unmatched combination of Indian and international sensibilities and expertise and is transforming the way make-up is perceived in India. Subzcanvas portfolio includes some of the most sought-after work in the field of make-up artistry.