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Upgrade your income and make money on the go?

Author: Subhagya Nair, Updated on 03/03/2020

Upgrade your income and make money on the go?

In India, the spending nature of clients in the beauty industry varies for each state, occasion, and class of economy. Your income as a makeup artist varies from working at a salon to a full-time freelancer and it also varies on the industry you are working in.

As per the current scale in Karnataka, a freelance makeup artist earns an average of INR.5000 per day, this is only due to the competitive pricing in the market and the desperateness of being at work every day.

With the right approach and skill, SUBZCANVAS grooms you to earn a minimum of INR.12000 per day with targeting the right clients for your success in a career as a professional makeup artist.

1. Craftsmanship
Just knowing the prepping of skin, application of makeup and finishing the look is not enough of a skill to be a professional makeup artist. It’s all in the craftsmanship of blending, texturing, creativity with colours, understanding the skin textures, adhering to the climate conditions to which the skin is exposed and is going to be exposed after the application and the lighting at which the skin needs to be captured after makeup. All these are necessary information for a professional makeup artist. Your knowledge on the areas of makeup upgraded with aesthetic knowledge and the lighting sources for events, film and media enable you to be more skilled and consequently increase your horizon of client category.

2. Assess your skills
Obtaining a boost is exciting whatever your career. Makeup like any other profession is a never-ending education. Makeup artists may, in fact, create ways of raising their income. Even in case you don’t see instant gain, MUAs of each level can do things to gain their wages with time. Attempting to boost your makeup artist income in too many ways at the same time can be overwhelming. Pick methods that will enhance what you do. Ask yourself

  1. Where your strengths lie
  2. Where you can improve
  3. Everything you have time to get

Assessing your abilities makes it possible to decide which course of action to take. Pick one that will permit you to gain and thrive.

3. Ways to improve your makeup artist income
Alternatives that are beneficial for experienced makeup artists aren’t necessarily the same for brand new MUAs, and vice versa. Any artist that with confidence and a good work ethic must take whatever steps they’re comfortable with for improvement.

  1. Choose a strategy
  2. Additional Training
  3. Assistantships
  4. Networking

and many more on the go.

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