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The Artist’s visual impact

Author: Subhagya Nair, Updated on 09/04/2020

The Artist’s visual impact

The way a person is perceived by others can be a great asset or an unfortunate liability. Your image is your asset when all elements of your visible person (speech, dress, body language, manners) match your talent and aspirations. A well-built image and etiquette will give you the opportunity to prove yourself. Your talent will get you invited back.

It is important to learn to market yourself as attractive as possible, then make sure you have the inner substance to back it up.

Because of the nature of the profession, the makeup artist more than anyone else must be a master of personal improvement and reflect this by adequate grooming and by the cultivation of taste, style and a certain amount of “chic”. You need your client to trust your taste.

The Artist’s visual impact

1. Health, Stamina and Energy
For this, you need to have a good understanding of nutrition and also discipline your eating habits. Being a makeup artist is hard work that requires stamina and energy. A daily workout helps you maintain a strong healthy body.

2. Personal hygiene and grooming
Don’t look as if you belong on a discount table. You and the items you use should and must look fit enough to carry a statement of applause.

Everything about your grooming counts. Your hair, skin, teeth, clothing and your hands. Your clothing must be clean from in out and avoid heavy overpowering fragrances. Your smile, your hair and your skin should not be neglected. Care for your hands and nails are of utmost importance.

3. Hand exercises and manicure equally important
As a makeup artist, your hand will need to be supple and well-controlled. Many of the items you use are small and you want to be sure that you are not so awkward that you keep dropping items you are trying to use.

  1. Shake your hands vigorously to a count of 100 to improve your circulation.
  2. Squeeze a smiley ball up to 5 counts with a 2-sec break.
  3. Place your hands on the tabletop with your palms down. Begin with both little fingers touching the tabletop as if you are playing the piano moving from little fingers to the thumb then back again several times. This exercise will make your hands supple while improving your coordination.
  4. Massage each finger from base to tip by pressing and rubbing. Be sure to massage each knuckle. This exercise improves circulation.

4. Care of feet and pedicure adds up to your grooming. Important to pair in a good and clean fit of shoes with flexible soles.

IT’s The Artist’s Visual impact that counts the most

The key to looking great from top to toe is to always wear what is appropriate for the occasion. Be particularly wary of fads.

While clothes and accessories help you establish your personal style no amount of fancy or expensive dressing will make up for lack of cleanliness. It’s after you accomplish the basics that you begin to package the product.

Your wardrobe helps you create a professional image and boost your confidence. Dark colours in quality fabric is essential. Be careful not to lose points by choosing the wrong essentials. Pay attention to combining your cloth patterns to your height and body build. Your apparels and accessories should be coordinated with your style of clothing leaving a personal style statement.

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